hybrid app. development

Get Your App to the Most People, on More Platforms, with Less Cost

Reaching as many consumers as possible can be the difference between a dud app and a smash hit. Hybrid development allows apps for different operating systems to share the same core code, making overall development faster and cheaper. New features can be released for all platforms at the same time, giving all users the same experience connecting to an enterprise cloud or hybrid cloud.

Hybrid application development combines the advantages of both native and web applications. Enterprise apps benefit from cross platform development as well. When employees can use their own devices, they’re more comfortable with the technology and require less technical support. When all workers use the same software, regardless of device, business just runs more smoothly. Zco’s hybrid mobile app developers can deliver you the best app solution for your business.

Appcelerator Development

The Appcelerator Platform allows 60 to 90 percent of code to be reused between the same app on different platforms. It also helps us integrate mobile backend as a service (MBaaS) capabilities through the Arrow backend and pre-built connectors for Salesforce, Microsoft Azure, SQL, MongoDB, Box, Swagger, and others. The model-view-controller (MVC) architecture separates user interface, business logic, and data models.

PhoneGap Development

As an open source framework, PhoneGap uses standards-based web technologies HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Once written, the code can be compiled for multiple operating systems. The source code always remains, so updates can be made in the same open languages without the need for platform-specific expertise.