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Pay Per Click (PPC)

Since PPC advertising is competitive as well as costly, this complex phenomenon must be handled by professionals. USA Internet Marketing Company has accumulated a team of expert and experienced marketers that have all the knowledge and skills it takes to plan out an effective ppc management strategy and service.

At Torrentseo,we provide pay per click services with years of experience on the domain of web promotion. As a result, we are able to bring effective Return on Investment on the through PPC management. We offer comprehensive PPC management solutions based on the long-term business goals of the client. Research, analysis and effective organizing of the resources are key to the domain of PPC management and we would really like to make one’s business rise high with the sound investment made here at the search engine sponsored results.

With extensive experience in designing and implementing PPC campaigns for all major search engines like Google, MSN, and Yahoo, we will ensure that your website gets the maximum ROI and better CTRs.

To achieve the best result in PPC management, we will implement the following steps:


We will thoroughly analyze your business model, products and services, and your competition to design a PPC campaign that specifically caters to your online business needs.


We will carefully select the best keywords based on what your prospective customers are actually searching for on the Internet.


After selecting keywords that have the capacity to drive qualified traffic, we will create keyword centric adverts that accurately represent your products and services to drive traffic to your website and guarantee sales.


This step entails careful analysis of the various paths that the visitors take to enter or exit your site. Depending upon the action the visitors take, we will evaluate your landing page or suggest changes. This will ensure that visitors stick to your site and translate their visits to conversions.


Here we will regularly monitor your PPC campaign to keep a track of keywords and PPC ads that drive traffic. Also, we will monitor for suspicious clicks to avoid click fraud. In this manner, we will keep our activities limited to your PPC budgetary constraints.